jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

You're the only person who when I see, I drop the world, we see and feel that every time these further, beyond that you find me that what you said, I feel that these sooo far and can not find the way you're with me I do not find the way you approach it does not look any more and have eyes for me, but it is all a fairy tale and there is no Prince Charming, or your eyes just for me, nor your love. ALL the time I spend my charm, go so well that happened so fast.

Almost step 1 year and continue in the same bally, in the same little game you idiot, all I say forget about that kid, make you wrong. I get up and think of you, spends the day thinking of you, at night I think of you, I never step as well, was always the little game of jerks, but you're something else, something more than this little game for kids, maybe you take me as your toy but I'm not pretend to be. I hope someday I enteindas, Dwellings and feel the things that you spend with me.

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